Group of middle-school children working with electrical equipment and an ipad

Learning How to Learn: Optimists and Realists

In schools, optimism helps teachers a lot. At the beginning of the year, my students…

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Introducing “Schema Theory”

In the last few years, I’ve increasingly wondered if “schema theory” just might work a…

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Students talking with each other around a table

Should students “teach” other students?

You will often hear about an exciting strategy to help students learn: they should teach one another….

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How Teaching Happens by Paul Paul Kirschner, Carl Hendrick, and...

Who would have thought that a book about teaching could begin with a discussion of…

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Child sitting on a stool creates fantastic color patterns in the air

Oops, Twitter Did It Again: Creativity and the “Positive Manifold”

I’ve written before that edu-Twitter can be a great help to teachers. I myself regularly…

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Middle aged preschool teacher having vocabulary lesson at kindergarten

Have I Been Spectacularly Wrong for Years, Part 2 [Removed...

On Sunday of this week, I published my response to my interview with Dr. Morgan…

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Young woman sitting on a brightly lit staircase working on a computer

The Best Place to Study…Depends on the Goal

A wise friend recently asked a question that goes something like this: Research shows that…

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A chess board seen from an angle, with red arrows showing how pieces might move in different combinations

Should Teachers Explain or Demonstrate?

If I were a chess teacher, I would want my newbies to understand … ……

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Book Cover for Adam Boxer's Teaching Secondary Science: A copmlete guide.

Book Review: Teaching Secondary Science, by Adam Boxer

Let’s start by making this simple: First: You should absolutely buy Adam Boxer’s Teaching Secondary…

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Outsmart Your Brain by Daniel Willingham

Aligning with my work in this area, Daniel Willingham’s influential insights have greatly contributed to…

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