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Student lying in bed listening to music on earphones

Earworms and Sleep: What Will They Research Next?

Just last week, I spoke with middle- and upper-school students about learning. We all know…

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Does Music Training Help Us Pay Attention?

We can’t improve our students working memory. But, recent research from Chile suggests that music training might benefit one part of our attention system. Continue reading

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Why, and When, Does Music Interfere with Reading?

Eye-tracking technology helps researchers explain when music disrupts fluent reading. Students: take note! Continue reading

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music and language

Why Do Piano Lessons Improve Language Skills?

Why do music lessons help with language skills? A recent study from China suggests that piano lessons don’t improve children’s IQ or working memory, but do improve their ability to distinguish among consonants. The more we know about the relationship between music and language, the better guidance we can give families. Continue reading

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