Introducing Our 2020 Education Conferences

The first of our 2020 education conferences focuses on Educating Anxious Brains.

We’ll gather in San Francisco, February 14-16, for a weekend of powerful, practical, and informative workshops.

Dr. Madeline Levine

Our goal: we want to help teachers, administrators, and parents create calm, connected, mindful, and trauma-informed schools.

We’ve got quite the lineup of speakers…

Anxious Brains: Helping Kids Thrive in a Stressful World

We live in a time of daunting social and cultural stress–and our kids are right here with us. How can parents and teachers help?

Dr. Dan Siegel

Dr. Madeline Levine will have practical suggestions on guiding children to succeed in an unpredictable world. And, she can do so while keeping a sense of humor.

To learn more about the simple “power of showing up,” come hear Dr. Dan Siegel. He’ll remind us that parental presence can change so much–including how our children’s brains get wired.

Dr. Suniya Luthar

Dr. Suniya Luthar looks at the particular challenges of risk-taking in high-pressure schools. How can we help students be resilient when their environment includes so many challenges and setbacks? Her first answer to those questions: authentic connections.

Traumatized Brains: Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

When life experience takes students past anxiety into trauma, what can parents and schools do to help?

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris–the surgeon general of California–will talk about her research into the toxic effect of stress: the damage it does to the very cells of our brains. And, she’ll offer guidance on how we can best help. (Click here for our review of her amazing book The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversities.)

Dr. Bruce Perry

Founder of and Senior Fellow at the ChildTrauma Academy, Dr. Bruce Perry will bring his decades of experience to help us understand the effect of trauma on brains, and on neural development. He will help us see how deeper understanding can lead to deeper healing, as we educate, protect, nurture, and enrich the lives of these children.


I’ll be introducing more speakers for our 2020 Education Conferences in upcoming posts.

Unsurprisingly, given this list of speakers, our February conference is likely to sell out. If you’re interested, you should register as soon as possible!

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