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“Wait Just a Minute!”: The Benefits of Procrastination?

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” This quotation, attributed to Karen Lamb, warns us about the dangers of procrastination. Presumably our students would propose a slightly modified version: “The night before the test, I’ll wish I

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grades and motivation

True/False: Grades Motivate Students to Study Better?

The following story is true. (The names have been left out because I’ve forgotten them.) When I attended graduate school in education, I handed in my first essay with some trepidation, and lots of excitement. Like my classmates, I had

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Physics and Engineering: My New Year’s Resolution

  Over on Twitter, @DylanWilliam wrote: “[P]hysics tells you about the properties of materials but it’s the engineer who designs the bridge. Similarly, psychology tells us about how our brains work, but it’s teachers who craft instruction.” In other words,

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