Terry L. Jernigan, PhD

Professor of Cognitive Science, Psychiatry, and Radiology; Director, Center for Human Development, University of California, San Diego; Co-Director of the Coordinating Center for the National "Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development" (ABCD) Study®; who has served on the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse, the Council of Councils of the National Institutes of Health, and she currently serves on the NIH “Helping End Addiction Long Term” (HEAL) Multidisciplinary Workgroup; Co-Author, "Meaningful Associations in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study" (2021, Neuroimage), "Economic, Social, and Physiological Resilience Predict Brain Structure and Cognitive Performance in 9-10-Year-Old Children" (2019, BioRxiv), and "Toward an Integrative Science of the Developing Human Mind and Brain: Focus on the Developing Cortex" (2016, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience)


The Science of Teaching

The Fairmont, San Francisco, CA or Virtually via Zoom  February 18-20, 2022

Keynote Address III: Bringing Cognitive Science, Population Neuroscience, and Personalized Learning into the Classroom