Shana K. Carpenter, PhD

Cognitive Psychologist; Professor, Department of Psychology, Iowa State University; Principal Investigator/Project Lead, “Implementing Principles from the Science of Learning Within Educational Practice,” a $4.6-million grant awarded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation to incorporate insights from the “science of learning” into teaching practice and student achievement; Co-Author, “The Rich- Get-Richer Effect: Prior Knowledge Predicts New Learning of Domain-Relevant Information” (2021, Journal of Experimental Psychology), “Students' Use of Retrieval in Self-Regulated Learning: Implications For Monitoring and Regulating Effortful Learning Experiences” (2020, Educational Psychology Review), and “How to Use Spaced Retrieval Practice to Boost Learning. Student and Teacher Practice Guide” (2019, Report, Retrievalpractice.org)


The Science of Effective Learning

Online Seminar  January 28, 2023-N/A

The Science of Teaching

The Fairmont, San Francisco, CA or Virtually via Zoom  February 18-20, 2022

Keynote Address I: Implementing Principles from the Science of Learning Within Educational Practice