Liz Toruno, MEd

Lead Climate Coach, Thriving YOUniversity; Coordinator for Social Emotional Learning, Bakersfield City School District; Former Teacher, Behavioral Management Specialist, and District Administrator


Teaching Social Brains

The Sheraton NY Times Square, New York, NY or Virtually via Zoom  April 21-23, 2023

Building Belonging

Building Belonging and Cultivating Connection With Classroom Circles

Promoting Prosocial Skills

Cultivating Culture: Connecting Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion to Student Learning

Teaching Behaved Brains

The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA or Virtually via Zoom  February 17-19, 2023

Emotional Brains, Learning & Wellbeing

How Social, Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAL) Strengthens Achievement, Behavior, and Climate

Bullied Brains & School Climate

Cultivating Climate: Using Kindness, Empathy, and Gratitude to Reduce Bullying