Laurie R. Santos, PhD

Director, Comparative Cognition Laboratory; Director, Canine and Primate Laboratory (aka CapLab), which explores the evolutionary origins of the human mind by comparing the cognitive abilities of humans and non-human animals, including primates and canines; Director of Psychology; Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Yale University; Head of Silliman College; Her course titled "Psychology and the Good Life" became the most popular course in Yale's history in 2018, Co-Author, "Developmental Shifts in Social Cognition: Socio-Emotional Across the Life Span in Rhesus Monkeys" (2018, Behavioral Ecology), "The Evolutionary Roots of Human Decision-Making" (2015, Annual Review of Psychology), "Comparative Developmental Psychology: How is Human Cognitive Development Unique?" (2014, Evolutionary Psychology) and “Sociobiology Young Children Are More Generous When Others Are Aware of Their Actions” (2013, PloS ONE)


Reaching for Greatness

Westin Copley Place Hotel, Boston, MA  November 16-18, 2018

Unique Brains & Special Skills

What Makes the Human Mind Special?: Insights from Non-Human Animals