Laurence D. Steinberg, PhD

Distinguished University Professor, Temple University; Author, The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting (2017), Adolescence (2016, 11th Edition), Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence (2014), and You and Your Adolescent: The Essential Guide for Ages 10-25 (2011, Revised Edition); Co-Author, "Around the World, Adolescence is a Time of Heightened Sensation Seeksing and Immature Self-Regulation" (2018, Developmental Science), "Adolscents in Peer Groups Make More Prudent Decisions When a Slightly Older Adult is Present" (2016, Psychological Science), and "Peers Increase Late Adolescents' Exploratory Behavior and Sensitivity to Positive and Negative Feedback" (2016, Journal of Research on Adolescence)


Schooling Social Brains

The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, New York, NY  May 3-5, 2019

Teen Brains & Peer Relationships

Adolescent Brain Development: Implications for Social Development, Peer Relationships, and Peer Pressure