Kenneth S. Kosik, MD

Co-Director, Neuroscience Research Institute; Harriman Professor of Neuroscience Research, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara; Co-Founder, Learning & the Brain; Author, Outsmarting Alzheimer's: What You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk (2017); Co-Author, The Alzheimer's Solution: How Today's Care is Failing Millions and How We Can Do Better (2010)


Brains, Literacy, & Learning

Your Memory and Your Senses Are But the Nourishment of Your Creative (and Literary) Impulse

The Science of Stress & Resilience

The Fragility of Memory: Stress & Who Needs to Remember What?

Social Interaction, AI, & Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Real Intelligence: Can We Tell the Difference?