Kenneth A. Kiewra, PhD

Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Former Director, University of Nebraska’s Academic Success Center; Former Editor, Educational Psychology Review; Expert on Talent Development; Co-Investigator and Co-Producer of the Project and Documentary: Prodigies of the Prairie; Author, "Seven Ways Parent's Help Children Unleash Their Talents" (2014, Parenting for High Potential) and Learn How to Study and SOAR to Success (2004); Co-Author, Nurturing Children’s Talents: A Guide for Parents (Forthcoming), "Prodigies of the Prairie: The Talent Development Stories of Four Elite Nebraska Youth Performers" (2018, Roeper Review), and Teaching How to Learn: The Teacher's Guide to Student Success (2016, Reprint Edition)


Unleashing Expert Performance & Talents

Nurturing Children's Talents: A Guide for Parents and Teachers