Kelly-Ann Allen, PhD, FAPS

Educational and Developmental Psychologist; Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Monash University; Honorary Senior Fellow, The Centre for Wellbeing Science, University of Melbourne; Founder and Co-Director, Global Belonging Collaborative; Editor-in-Chief, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Journal of Belonging and Human Connection; Author of The Psychology of Belonging (2020); Co-Author, Boosting School Belonging: Practical Strategies to Help Adolescents Feel Like They Belong at Schools (2019) and School Belonging in Adolescents Theory, Research and Practice (2017), "What Schools Need to Know About Fostering School Belonging" (2018, Educational Psychology Review), and "Belonging: a review of conceptual issues, an integrative framework, and directions for future research" (2020, Australian Journal of Psychology); Co-editor, Pathways to Belonging: Contemporary Research in School Belonging (2018)


Teaching Purposeful Brains

Virtual Conference  April 17-18, 2021

Social Connections & Belonging

The Psychology of Belonging: Boosting a Sense of Belonging in School