Karen Bluth, PhD

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Associate Editor, Mindfulness; Author, The Self-Compassion Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness and Compassion Skills to Overcome Self-Criticism and Embrace Who You Are (2017); Co-Author, “New Frontiers in Understanding the Benefits of Self-Compassion” (2018, Self & Identity), “Response to a Mindful Self-Compassion Intervention in Teens: A Within-person Association of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Emotional Well-being Outcomes” (2017, Journal of Adolescents), and “A School-Based Mindfulness Pilot Study for Ethnically Diverse At-Risk Adolescents” (2016, Mindfulness)


Schooling the Self

New York, NY  April 8-10, 2021

Educating with Empathy

The Historic Fairmont Hotel, Atop Nob Hill,
San Francisco, CA  February 15-17, 2019

Teens & Mindful Self-Compassion

Making Friends with Yourself: A Mindful Self-Compassion Program for Teens