KH Kim, PhD

Professor of Educational Psychology, College of William & Mary; Discoverer of "The Creativity Crisis"; Early Scholar Award and the Hollingworth Award Winner from the National Association for Gifted Children, the Berlyne Award from the American Psychological Association, as well as the Torrance Award from the American Creativity Association; Author, The Creativity Challenge: How We Can Recapture American Innovation (2016) and "The Creativity Crisis: The Decrease in Creative Thinking Scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking" (2011, Creativity Research Journal); Co-Editor of the Journals: Creatively Gifted Students Are Not Like Other Gifted Students, The World Journal of Behavioral Science, and Creativity Network Newsletter


The Science of Innovation

The Fairmont San Francisco, San Francisco, CA  February 15-17, 2018

Innovative Mindsets & Teaching

The Creativity Challenge in Schools: How We Can Recapture American Innovation