Helen Y. Weng, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Core Faculty Member, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine; Affiliate Faculty Member, Neuroscape Research Labs, University of California, San Francisco; Mind and Life Intitute Fellow; Clinical psychologist and neuroscientist who studies the neural mechanisms of compassion meditation and focused attention to the body. Her work has demonstrated that compassion is a skill that may be learned, which impacts both altruistic and brain responses to human suffering. She currently is using machine learning to optimize measurement of meditation skills, and is increasing diversity within the field of the neuroscience of meditation; Co-Author, “The Impact of Compassion Training on the Brain and Prosocial Behavior” (2017, Handbook of Compassion Science) and “The Role of Compassion in Altruistic Helping and Punishment Behavior” (2015, PLoS ONE)


The Science of Mindful Kindness

How Compassion Meditation Transforms the Brain and Altruistic Behavior in Young Adults