David Z. Hambrick, PhD

Director, Expertise Lab; Professor, Michigan State University; Co-Founder, Journal of Expertise; Author, “What Makes a Prodigy?: Insights from Psychology into the Origins of Extreme Ability” (2015, Mind); Co-Author, “Beyond Born Versus Made: A New Look at Expertise” (2016, The Psychology of Learning and Motivation) and “Deliberate Practice: Is That All It Takes To Become An Expert?” (2014, Intelligence): Lead Editor, The Science of Expertise: Behavioral, Neural, and Genetic Approaches to Complex Skill (2017)


Reaching for Greatness

Westin Copley Place Hotel, Boston, MA  November 16-18, 2018

Unleashing Talents & Expertise

Beyond the Born vs. Made Debate: A New Model of Expertise and Talent