Dana C. McCoy, PhD

Assistant Professor of Education; Director, Settings for Early Education and Development (SEED) Lab., Harvard Graduate School of Education; Co-Author, “The Joint Development of Literacy and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood” (2020, The Handbook of Reading Research), “Preschool Self‐Regulation and Preacademic Skills as Mediators of the Long‐Term Impacts of an Early Intervention” (2019, Child Development), “Contextual Variation in Young Children’s Acquisition of Social-Emotional Skills” (2019, PLoS One) and “Classifying Social-Emotional Trajectories Through Elementary School: Impacts of the Chicago School Readiness Project” (2018, Developmental Psychology)


Social-Emotional Brains in Schools

Virtual Conference  November 7-8, 2020

Early Development, Self-Regulation, & EF

The Impact of Adversity on Young Children's Self-Regulation and Executive Function