Craig Barton

Craig Barton loves teaching, doing, speaking and thinking about mathematics. He taught maths in secondary schools for 15 years, and was TES Maths Adviser for 10 years. He is now the Head of Education at Eedi. Craig is also the author of the best-selling books “How I wish I’d taught maths” and "Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain", the host of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast and the Tips for Teachers podcast, and the creator of far too many websites, including mrbartonmaths.com, diagnosticquestions.com, variationtheory.com, ssddproblems.com, dqaday.com and mathsvenns.com. In 2020 he was appointed as Visiting Fellow at the Mathematics Education Centre at the University of Loughborough. Craig has been lucky enough to teach maths and work with teachers all over the world. 


Problem Solving Activities for Any Mathematical Idea

Online Seminar  May 14, 2022-N/A