Anna Abraham, PhD

Neuroscientist; E. Paul Torrance Professor, Department of Educational Psychology; Director, Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development; Director, Creativity and Imagination Lab; Faculty, Institute for Artificial Intelligence; University of Georgia; Neuroscience Faculty Member, Integrated Life Science Program; Affiliate, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research; Editor, Cambridge Elements in Creativity and Imagination; Author, The Creative Brain: Myths and Truths (forthcoming), "The Ingredients of the Creative Mind" (2021, American Journal of Psychology); The Neuroscience of Creativity (2018); Co-Author, "Evaluating the Effects of Episodic and Semantic Memory Induction Procedures on Divergent Thinking in Younger and Older Adults" (2023, PLoS ONE)


Future Ready Brains

NY Sheraton Times Square Hotel, New York, NY or Virtually via Zoom  April 18-20, 2024