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Speech-Language Pathology Credit



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The program offers up to 1.60 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area).



Teaching Engaged Brains


SLP participants will be able to:

  • Identify the challenges in motivating reading, math, and STEM learning (1)
  • Explain the importance of helping students find focus in a distracting, digital world (2)
  • Summarize the science of motivation and demonstrate methods for engaging disengaged learners (3)
  • Describe ways to develop kids' metacognition and self-reflection skills (4)
  • Explain our decreasing attention spans and discuss the impact of digital devices (5)
  • Demonstrate how movement increases motivation and how mindfulness improves focus (6)
  • List the effects of stress, boredom, and social belonging on engagement (7)
  • Illustrate methods for managing multitasking and prompting purpose in adolescents (8)
  • Develop strategies for helping children with ADHD and attention problems to focus (9)

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