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Speech-Language Pathology Credit



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The program offers up to 1.60 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area).



Teaching Behaved Brains


SLP participants will be able to:

  • Describe the science of human behavior and emotional regulation (1)
  • Modify strategies for challenging behaviors using a neuroscience approach (2)
  • Develop strategies to improve classroom management and school climate (3)
  • Describe ways to develop students' executive function and self-regulation (4)
  • Show how to create a school culture of empathy and dignity to reduce bullying (5)
  • Assess emotionally inclusive classrooms and emotional balance (6)
  • List the pandemic impacts on teens, depression, and emotional regulation (7)
  • Show the importance of removing labels and promoting resilience in learning disorders (8)
  • Demonstrate methods for treating ADHD and Autism in adolescents, smart kids, and girls (9)
  • Identify the impact of emotions and executive function in LD, reading and math (10)

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