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Speech-Language Pathology Credit



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The program offers up to 1.50 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area).


These credits are available for attendance at the conference only.



Teaching Struggling Brains


SLP participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate ways to improve mental health in an age of rising stress and anxiety (1)
  • Develop stratgies to deal with stress, anxiety, burnout, and mental health struggles (2)
  • List ways that Genrations Z and Alpha learn differently from past generations (3)
  • Explain how to teach to student strengths and empower them to succeed (4)
  • Interpret the science of struggling students and develop ways to improve learning (5)
  • Practice strategies to motivate and engage bored and disengaged students (6)
  • Develop ways to empower learning through play, agency, and active learning (7)
  • Discuss ways to lead and teach generations impacted by stress and COVID (8)
  • Describe how digital devices affect teen focus, health, and dependency (9)
  • Analyze how stress and motivation factor in for students struggling with reading (10)

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