Engage in intensive training on research-based classroom strategies that promote student success.

Cost: $1,895

Join Us This Summer in Santa Barbara for a Hands-on Workshop

Learning & the Brain is offering this Summer Institute on the oceanside campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.
In this highly interactive Institute, Kathleen Kryza and Jack Naglieri will teach the four neurocognitive abilities (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive Processing) that are critical to meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of your students. By merging current knowledge on the neuropsychology of learning with the art of instruction, you will be able to help your students think smarter and ultimately, take charge of their own learning in and beyond school.

Research in the area of conceptualized intelligence as neuro-cognitive processes is providing a clearer picture of intelligence and how children learn, and provides a better understanding of how to teach students to effectively develop their metacognitive skill sets and their academic mindsets. Helping students maximize learning in all areas of life requires quality instructional methods based on an understanding of these cognitive abilities associated with different regions of the brain and ways to measure these abilities. You will leave with doable cognitive strategies that can be readily implemented in your schools and classrooms and with ways to create a classroom environment that engages students culturally, emotionally and academically. The Institute will actively engage you in experiencing how to THINK SMART with your students, and is limited to 40 participants.

The Summer Institute Is for:
  • PreK-12 Teachers, Administrators
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • School Psychologists
  • Education and Psychology Professors
You Will Learn to:
  • Effectively teach strategies for maximum impact, ownership and improved behavioral and academic performance
  • Understand the relationship between cognition, mindsets and social-emotional competence
  • Teach students how to ‘Think Smart’ and use their neurocognitive and metacognitive abilities efficiently in school and in later life
  • Use knowledge of students’ cognitive strengths and challenges to guide and provide interventions for teachers, parents and the students themselves
  • Create a safe learning environment that engages all learners (culturally, emotionally and academically)
  • Use advances in neuropsychology to better understand intelligence and what it means to be smart

About the Institute

This Learning & the Brain Summer Institute will be co-taught by Dr. Jack Naglieri and Kathleen Kryza. This program is designed to help individuals and school teams apply some of the latest findings from neuropsychology to the classroom to improve teaching and learning. Class sessions will be held in the afternoon on the first day and on mornings each subsequent day amounting to a program total of 20 hours. You will have afternoons free to collaborate with fellow institute participants, read, and explore beautiful Santa Barbara. Active participation is expected throughout this Institute. All sessions will take place at the Sierra Madre complex on the UC Santa Barbara campus and participants will be housed close by on campus. Lodging, some meals, and course materials are provided. See online schedule for meals provided.

The sessions will take place in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel where participants will also be housed.

About Dr. Jack Naglieri

Jack Naglieri, PhD, is Research Professor at the University of Virginia and Senior Research Scientist at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children. He combines his 40 years of experience in school psychology with a neurocognitive understanding of how students learn. His expertise includes theoretical and psychometric issues about intelligence, neurocognitive processes, cognitive interventions, and executive function.

Dr. Naglieri worked as a school psychologist and with students in all levels from Pre-K to High School. He has recently published several books including Helping Children Learn, 2nd Ed. (2010), Handbook of Executive Function (2013), and Essentials of Cognitive Assessment System, 2nd. Ed. (2016), in addition to more than 250 scholarly papers. His most recent publications include the Devereux Student Strength Assessment (2010), Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (2013), the second edition of the Cognitive Assessment System (2014), and the third edition of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (2016).

About Kahtleen Kryza

Kathleen Kryza, MA, is an international consultant/coach, educator and life long learner with over 30 years of experience in education. Kathleen is passionate, informed and committed to bringing the best educational practices to schools and teachers, so that they can help ALL students succeed. She has taught general education, special education, and gifted and talented students across varying socio-economic and multi-cultural backgrounds at both secondary and elementary levels. She is known for workshops that are very practical, research-based and inspirational. When Kathleen coaches and consults in districts, she differentiates instruction to meet needs through modeling lessons and by observing and guiding teachers as they grow their skills.

In addition, Kathleen is the author of several books, including her most recent publication, Transformative Teaching: Changing Classroom Culturally, Emotionally and Academically (2015). She is also the co-author of Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom (2011), Inspiring Secondary Learners (2007), Inspiring Elementary Learners (2008), Differentiating in the Real Classroom (2009), and Winning Strategies for Test Taking (2009). Kathleen is also featured in the video, Differentiating Instruction in the Intermediate Grades (2008).

Professional Development Credit:

Earn up to 20 hours toward professional development credit for various professionals. For details on credit offered, visit our CE credit page or call our office at 781-449-4010 ext. 102. Note: credits are not provided by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Accommodations and Meals:

Interaction between faculty and participants outside the classroom is an integral part of the Institute. To foster this total immersion learning environment, participants are housed in undergraduate dormitory accommodations on the UC Santa Barbara campus. The dormitory rooms are located in the recently opened Sierra Madre complex. Participants are assigned to their own bedroom in a shared two-bedroom apartment with a shared bathroom. Linens are provided. All facilities are ADA compliant. The Institute provides four nights lodging with an arrival date of July 11 and departure date of July 15. If you are interested in making your own accommodations off-campus or would like to arrange an early arrival on campus, please call us at 781-449-4010 x 101. Please check the online schedule for information on the meals provided. Note: The UCSB campus is a smoke-free campus.