You will examine the role of numeracy skills in school mathematics and the scientific evidence that shows that individual differences in numeracy are related to math learning and performance throughout the life span. The seminar leader will discuss numeracy in the context of additional cognitive skills that support math learning-such as working memory and language related skills-as well as social and environmental influences on mathematics achievement. She will describe the characteristics of school-age children who have mathematical learning difficulties, particularly those who are appropriate targets of assessment, instruction, or intervention and prevention measures. The seminar leader will conclude with a review of the research on interventions, including a discussion of resources available to guide education planning for students experiencing mathematics difficulties, and the role teachers can play in supporting students' mathematics learning.

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Workshop hours: 8:15AM - 2:30PM



At this seminar, you will learn information about:

  • The importance of numeracy skills in mathematics, learning and in life
  • Social and environmental contributions to students' mathematics achievement
  • The wide range of cognitive skills that affect mathematical learning and performance
  • Roles that teachers and parents play in supporting students' mathematical learning
  • Integrating knowledge on mathematics achievement to inform teaching and assessment
  • Resources to support efforts to apply intervention and prevention to educational planning
  • When and why international trends in mathematics achievement are relevant - or irrelevant - to mathematical learning disability



This seminar is geared toward general and special education elementary school teachers, elementary and middle school mathematics teachers, school psychologists and private psychologists and is also applicable to administrators and parents.


Rose Vukovic, PhD, is Associate Professor of Special Education at New York University. Trained in special education, school psychology and health promotion, Dr. Vukovic’s approach to working with struggling learners is both interdisciplinary and ecological. Since 2007, Dr. Vukovic has led the Urban Children’s Math Abilities project in New York City, a longitudinal study designed to understand the developmental course of children with mathematical learning difficulties, especially those characterized by vulnerabilities across individual, school, and community contexts. Dr. Vukovic has published numerous peer-reviewed research papers on this topic and has been invited to present her findings to decision-makers and practitioners locally, nationally and internationally.