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grow your brain

Why Your Brain Has Better Things to Do than “Grow”

Intuitively, the idea of “growing” sounds great. It’s become synonymous with making something bigger, better, or more mature. We’re inundated with messages to grow our wealth, grow our networks, grow our following;it was just a matter of time before people

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What Kind of Citizen?: Educating Our Children for the Common Good by Joel Westheimer

Schools may be vehicles for achieving our idealized society because they allow us to mold young people to bring about positive societal change. As such, we need to make careful choices about what and how we teach students. Dr. Joel

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brain damage

The Impact of Brain Damage on Education: An Interview with a Leading Vision Scientist

  As an optometrist-scientist and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lotfi Merabet is passionate about investigating the complex relationship between visual impairment (including blindness) and the brain. Most recently, as director of the Laboratory for Visual

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How to Get the Most Out of Reading to Children

For years we’ve known about the literacy gap between children of differing socio-economic backgrounds. We’ve known too that vocabulary acquisition levels are a primary measure of this divide1, 2. While digital technology makes it easier than ever for children to

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