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Terms and Conditions



Unpaid registrations without a purchase order will be canceled after 30 days. If you do not receive a confirmation within three weeks after sending full payment or purchase order, call (781) 449-4010 ext.101 or ext. 102.




Substitutions are permissible up to seven days before the conference, but you must notify Public Information Resources, Inc. ("PIRI") in writing by fax or postal mail.


Cancellations must be requested no later than:


November 7, 2014 for the November 2014 Learning & the Brain conference

January 30, 2015 for the February 2015 Learning & the Brain conference

April 24, 2015 for the May 2015 Learning & the Brain conference

Two weeks prior to the date of a One-Day Seminar.  

May 31, 2015 for the Summer Institutes.  Because of limited space, after May 31, cancellations are only accepted if a substitute can be found.


Because cancellations incur substantial administrative costs, we regret that it is necessary to charge a cancellation fee.


For the November 2014 Learning & the Brain Conference, the cancellation fee is $50 through September 30, 2014 and $150 through November 7, 2014.

For the February 2015 Learning & the Brain Conference, the cancellation fee is $50 through December 5, 2014 and $150 through January 30, 2015.

For the May 2015 Learning & the Brain Conference, the cancellation fee is $50 through February 27, 2015 and $150 through April 24, 2015

For the Summer Institutes, the cancellation fee is $250 prior to May 31, 2015.  After May 31, cancellations are only accepted if a substitute can be found at which point a cancellation fee of $250 will be charged.

For the One-Day Seminars, cancellations must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the seminar date.  There is a cancellation fee of $50 for the training seminars.


Cancellations must be sent in writing to PIRI at 35 Highland Circle, First Floor, Needham, MA 02494-3099 or faxed to PIRI at 781-449-4024.




PIRI reserves the right, without having to refund any monies to participants, to make changes in the conference, its program, schedule, location, and/or faculty should PIRI, in its sole discretion, deem any such changes necessary or advisable. Similarly, PIRI further reserves the right to cancel any sessions, events, workshops, or the conference, entirely, in which case PIRI's liability to participants shall be strictly limited to a refund of those fees. PIRI, the Cooperating Organizations and Sponsors are not responsible for (nor do they necessarily endorse) the efficacy, accuracy or content of any recommendations, statements, research or other information provided at the symposium.  Any concerns or issues about the conference should be brought to the attention of our staff at the help desk during the conference and/or sent to our Conference Director by writing, email or fax after the conference. Click here for details.